Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank you

On behalf of Leaders Quest I want to thank you for hosting a stimulating and wonderful visit of a group from DMGT. The visit was expertly coordinated by the senior team and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Your presentation opened the proceedings and we were able to understand how Christel House was formed and why. Your own link to the founder and your wide appreciation of the larger landscape into which the organisation is situated were all most helpful.

The food was delicious and so kind of you all to make the group welcome for lunch. We ate heartily if speedily!

The rest of the tour was very special with highlights in hearing the young people sing, meeting the art teacher who was really enthusiastic and of course the many interactions with the children themselves were very rewarding. The visitors were so struck by the warmth and affection shown the children and that they, in turn, radiated back.

The move to the community was just right in that it showed us where the children came from and the difficulties that they and the parents had to overcome on a daily basis.

Christel House: a wonderful demonstration of love in action.

With thanks

Chris Underhill

Associate Leaders Quest


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