Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Education, Hard Work and Full Hearts

By Tracy Line

One of my responsibilities at Christel House was to write student success stories.   I interviewed Christel House teachers, counselors and students.  From this I learned that poverty is not pretty.  Instead the stories of the poor have illness, despair, hunger, need and death laced into the plot line.  And when you know the characters are real people-you can’t help but be affected.  

One student I interviewed survived being homeless and then became an orphan.   Still she managed to work, go to school and care for her younger sister.  She is now in college.  A mother I interviewed told me about taking the early morning bus to Christel House each week before work.  Here she met her child’s teacher, who taught her how to read.  The mother wanted to be able to help her child with his homework.  Another student lived in a neighborhood rife with crime. He was not allowed to play outside; his parents feared gang members would prey on him.  The stories are heart wrenching but because of Christel House, there is hope. 

Students at Christel House overcome their obstacles not just through education, but also through the love and guidance of the Christel House staff.  Teachers often work round the clock, helping students with their daily needs.  Counselors work with the students’ entire families, giving them the life skills they need to improve their situations.  Employees in Indianapolis work hard, really hard, to ensure enough funds come in, so that the students can be supported in every way necessary. 

The results from all this hard work are amazing.  Children who once had nothing become productive citizens with bright futures.  Not to mention all the hearts along the way that have grown larger, having been touched by the good works of this wonderful organization.  

We thank you, Traci, for reminding us of these touching stories of the Christel House kids. Our work is making a difference, one child at a time!


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