Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Founder Visits India

Ms. Christel DeHaan, founder of Christel House International, recently visited India to see how our students are doing in Bangalore and Lavasa. Along the way she talked to several reporters in order to share the Christel House story. The new school in Lavasa was a popular topic of conversation. In response to questions about our partnership with the Lavasa Corporations, Ms. DeHaan stated, “ In Lavasa Corporation, we have found an outstanding partner that recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility, and understands the long term benefits of breaking the cycle of poverty for children living in the villages surrounding its new Lavasa hill station.”

Lavasa, unlike Bangalore, is in a rural area, which has a very different culture from the cities where most Christel House Learning Centers are located. Most of the students come from the villages surrounding Lavasa and must get the permission of the village elders to attend classes. “Many children had never even held a pencil or a crayon in their hands when they arrived,” Ms. DeHaan said.

The Learning Center in Bangalore has continued to sport a track record of outstanding achievements. In 2009, 100% of our first class passed their grade 10 board examinations. Students have also been recognized nationally for their artistic and athletic talents. We are confident that with time, Christel House Lavasa students will have as many achievements to their credit.

For more from Ms. DeHaan’s interview with Debarati Palit of Mid Day, visit

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